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A unique shopping utility made exclusively for the iPhone and iPad. 

Now Available!

New Version released for the Holidays!!!!

"Gift Card Calculator is a must-have iPhone and iPad app for frequent recipients and users of store and restaurant gift cards" - 2014

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever been out somewhere in a situation with only a gift card and no extra funds for purchases? When you are buying a meal did you ever find yourself not knowing if your gift card would cover that extra side or drink once taxes were applied, or if gratuity would even be covered?  The same could happen with a department store gift card because it can be confusing when some items are taxable and some aren’t. What about when you are at the checkout and you see something that you would like to have, but you have no idea if that extra impulse item will put you over the card balance?

The Gift Card Calculator will help you get an indication of what you can really spend with your card and stay under the card balance.


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 New Look for 2014/2015



·       Simple easy to use interface, no swiping back and forth in multiple screens. 

·      Save up to 10 card balances!


·       Add transactions as you walk around the store to see a running balance and display of what you would pay if you checked out right now. 


·       Add a gratuity percentage if using a restaurant card. Displays tip amount to be given.


·       Simple Tax On/Off switch when adding in a non-taxable item. 


·       Helps teens understand what they can really purchase, without calling their parents for financial backup. 


·       Great tool to use when shopping on the web with a gift card. 


·       If you ever had a gift card, you NEED this app to aid in making smart decisions! 


·       Great app to complement holiday gift cards!



Great, cheap introductory price for you to get in on this deal today! As more great features get rolled out in future updates, the price will eventually go up.